The Cheapest Home Security Systems

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Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your home’s security and safety. While there are home security companies that are costly for some people, saving money shouldn’t mean settling for substandard equipment and monitoring. There are tons of security systems available that are perfect for your budget. The cheapest home security systems share some standard features, including no contracts, DIY installation, and self-monitoring options. Not only that, but they also offer professional monitoring options and equipment that are budget-friendly. Inexpensive home security companies often allow you to create a package and choose the equipment, lowering the costs.


Here are the cheapest home security systems


List of the cheapest Home Security Systems



SimpliSafe: Flexible contract


SimpliSafe is one of the home security systems that offer professional monitoring on a no-contract, month-to-month basis. Because it’s monitoring is contract-free, you have the option to turn it on and off if you are going away for a while or you are just on a budget. Its equipment packages and monitoring services are some of the most affordable in the market.

The cheapest package from SimpliSafe only includes three pieces of equipment, which consists of a keypad, a motion detector, and a window/door sensor, apart from its base station. For some homes, this package is enough to keep their home secure. Keep in mind that the lower-priced monitoring doesn’t give you access to the mobile app, so you wouldn’t be able to check up on your system when you’re not at home.


R No-contract for professional monitoring

R Easy DIY installation

R Packages are customizable


Q Home automation integration is limited

Q Mobile access unable for cheaper plans

Ring Alarm Security System: Cheapest professional monitoring


Apart from its doorbell cameras offerings, Ring also has a cheap security system, though it only offers basic security devices. Plus, it has the lowest professional monitoring fee in the market right now. So if you are tight on budget but still want to keep your home professionally monitored, Ring is the best option for you.

When it comes to packages, the Ring Alarm Security Kits don’t have any cameras or home automation equipment. But if you are just looking for a base system, this package includes a keypad, contact sensors, and motion detectors. But if you want an extra pair of eyes on your front door, adding a Ring video doorbell to your system is the answer. Ring devices are compatible with Z-Wave and Alexa only, which limits how interconnected your smart home can be.


R Inexpensive devices and equipment

R Cheapest professional monitoring

R Ring video doorbell integration

R The base station can work as an alarm


Q Limited equipment to choose from

Abode: Low-cost self-monitoring


If you are looking to save money, Abode is one of the best options for you. It has unique on-demand monitoring with pricing that’s affordable. If you wish to do self-monitoring, you can do it for free with this system. If you opt-in for self-monitoring, you won’t be having phone support from Abode.

Abode offers some great devices and equipment, such as extra slim door sensors and smart switches. However, the company doesn’t include its best products on the starter package, so you may need to pay extra if you want to have these devices. Keep in mind that this additional equipment can be expensive if you are on a budget. Its equipment is compatible with Z-wave and Zigbee protocols


R Self-monitoring option

R No contracts for monitoring


Q No phone support for the free plan

Q Equipment warranty is shorter compared to competitors

Cove: No contract option


Cove is perfect for any homeowner looking for a security system with inexpensive monitoring, cheap equipment, and a few flexible payment options. Like SimpliSafe, it also offers no-contract month-to-month monitoring. Just be aware that you need to pay the payment upfront if you want to avail of it. If you can’t pay the upfront equipment fee, you can add $10 more a month in your monitoring. Keep in mind that this comes with a 36-month cancellation fee ranging from $200-$400, depending on how much you’ve paid off the equipment.

Cove devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home Assitant (Plus Plan only). You can control your system with voice commands, but you won’t hook it up with other smart home devices.


R Simple self-installation

R No-contract monitoring



Q Limited home automation options

Q Cheaper plans have no mobile access

Scout: Stylish cheap home security system


If you are looking for a home security system that can blend well in your home, Scout is the one for you. It is stylish, and its aesthetics can make up for the simple devices it offers. If you’re on a budget, its no-contract professional monitoring allows you to self-monitor your system to cut down on expenses now and then. It has a self-monitored plan for only $9.99 a month, giving a $10 saving when you’re willing to watch out for your own system.

Scout is one of the cheapest home security systems that is flawlessly designed. Its devices have simple and clean lines. You also have a choice between colors from Midnight (mostly black) or Arctic (mostly white). If you would like to build a full home security system through Scout, you may have limited options. For example, Scout doesn’t sell cameras. But don’t worry, it does have high compatibility and works with Amazon Alexa, Hue, Google Assistant, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.


R Stylish devices and equipment

R No-contract option

R Battery backup in case of power outages


Q Limited equipment options

Q Third-party equipment only supported on a professional monitoring plan

Q No system control panel


Is it worth it to get professional monitoring?

The answer depends on what you want from your home security system. It is rare for a professionally monitored system to go wrong, but self-monitoring can adequately meet your needs if you are currently struggling financially. You can skip the professional monitoring plan to save more money.

Do cheap home security systems require a contract?

Some home security systems require a contract, especially if you can’t pay the equipment upfront. But most DIY systems offer a contract-free month-to-month monitoring plan that can work perfectly with your budget.


Keep in mind that if you want a secure home, you don’t need to spend much to find a quality home security system. We know that these companies can be perfect for you and your home’s needs, whatever you’re looking for. 

  • Simplisafe: Flexible packages with a month-to-month monitoring option
  • Ring: Simple home security system with the cheapest professional monitoring
  • Abode: Free self-monitoring option
  • Cove: No-contract option
  • Scout: Devices and equipment that have sleek designs


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