The Best Home Security System for Renters

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As renters, we understand how hard it is to find a home security system that doesn’t tie you down with lengthy contracts and at the same time, charge you fees when you move out of your home. We have rounded up the best home security systems that provide enough flexibility and are also affordable. 

No need to worry about being less secure just because you’re renting your home. Here are the top security systems you should check out when you’re just renting your home.


Here are the best home security systems for renters


List of the Best Home Security Systems for Renters



SimpliSafe: Best choice for renters


For renters who are looking at having a home security system for their homes, Simplisafe is one of the best options. This system is very affordable; inexpensive monthly fees with no contracts, unlike other companies. Its equipment is also portable; you can easily pack and move in case you need to. Various equipment packages from Simplisafe can cover the different security needs of every home.

If you are tight on your budget, Simplisafe is your best bet. Its equipment packages are cheap compared to other home security systems plus the range of equipment it offers perfectly works for those who are living in apartments, dorms, or roommate situations. However, if you are renting a larger home, this might not be a good option for you since it doesn’t offer an outdoor camera.

With SimpliSafe, you are not tied down to any contracts. If you wish to discontinue your professional monitoring, your equipment can be used as a regular alarm. If you are very particular with the design of your home, you wouldn’t have to worry about the devices from SimpliSafe. All of them do not sacrifice style for security, which is perfect for your overall home design.


R Quick and Easy DIY Installation

R Money-Back Guarantee

R No Contract Required

R Affordable Monthly Fees


Q Limited Smart Home Integration

Q Upfront Purchase of Equipment Required

Frontpoint: Superb customer service


One of the leading home security systems in the country is Frontpoint. It provides quality and affordable home security systems with the best customer service in the industry. It’s not as cheap at some of its competitors, but its equipment and monthly fees are still competitive. This is one of the top choices for most homeowners, renter or not.

Frontpoint offers a wide range of features that will benefit every type of homeowner. As renters, one of the benefits you’ll get if you choose this system is that you can bring it anywhere with you if you plan to relocate or move to another apartment. Since all the equipment is wireless, you are sure to get your deposit back since you won’t be needing to drill any holes.

If you can’t afford the upfront payment for Frontpoint, you can finance it. The only downside is that you are going to be tied down with a contract. But because of its superb customer service, most homeowners who chose Frontpoint stayed after their contract ended. This is a do-it-yourself home system, so if you live in a bigger rental home, it may be challenging to install it on your own.


R Quality Customer Service

R Effortless DIY Installation

R LTE Cellular Monitoring

R Wireless System

R 30-day Money-Back Guarantee


Q No Landline or Broadband Options

Q Smart Home Gear Available On Top Plan Only

Q No Exceptional Home Security Abilities

Ring: Affordable security system


Another company you should consider when choosing your home security system is Ring. Before offering home security, the company started as a video doorbell. It is an easy-to-install DIY system with aesthetically pleasing devices, perfect for renters who are very particular with the look and style of their home. When it comes to pricing, this system is on the cheaper side.

As renters, we understand that signing up any contract that involves your home can be a no-no, especially that most of you stay at your current home temporarily. With Ring, you don’t have to worry about any contracts. Although it’s affordable and easy to use, it doesn’t have as many features as Frontpoint and Simplisafe offers. For example, if you are looking to automate your home, this isn’t the best option. Its basic equipment package only offers one mention sensor and one contact sensor, but there are a lot of add-ons to choose from.

While Ring doesn’t support full automation, it still offers some smart home integration that can increase the security of your home. You can integrate Amazon Alexa and support some Z-Wave devices. There are no contracts with Ring, and it offers one of the cheapest professional monitoring plans. You also have the option of self-monitoring.


R No Contracts

R Available for Both Professional and Self-Monitoring

R Home Automation Support for Amazon Alexa and Z-wave Devices

R Affordable Price


Q Few Advanced Security Features

Q Not compatible with most brand’s equipment

Nest Secure: Most advanced equipment


If you are looking for a home security system that can fully automate your home, then Nest Secure is your best bet. It offers a wide range of smart home devices but be ready for that price tags that come with it. With this security system, you can integrate home automation, and it can also function as Google Home hub. Like most of the home security systems in this list, this is also a do-it-yourself installation.

While all DIY systems are perfect from small to medium-sized houses, Nest Secure offers better home automation than the rest of it. You can fully automate your home, and this system is compatible with most smart home devices. You won’t be having a problem connecting them. This is the reason why it standouts when compared to most DIY systems.

With all this automation and high-tech equipment, be prepared to spend more on this home security system. But even though you have to pay more cash, you’ll be receiving an extended warranty with the option for self and professional monitoring. If you have the budget to spend more on your home security, Nest Secure is for you.


R Easy Setup

R Advanced Equipment

R Aesthetically Pleasing Design

R Professional Monitoring Available


Q Costly Devices and Equipment


As a renter, can I have my own security system?

The answer depends on your landlord but generally speaking; you can install a home security system. We recommend you choose a home security system that’s wireless so there’s no need to drill any holes and you can still get your deposit back. You might also want to choose the system that can be brought with you when you move.

Should my landlord install my home security system?

Some apartments have a pre-installed home security system. If you wish to use the pre-installed one, you will be responsible for the activation, monthly costs, and any additional fees. If there’s none, consult with your landlord and check who needs to install the system.

Will I get a discount on renter’s insurance if I install a home security system?

It depends on your insurance provider, but some offer insurance rate discounts to homeowners and renters with a home security system. Make sure to check with your insurance provider for any discount if you have installed a home security system.


As renters, there are several factors you need to consider before buying a home security system. Apart from your landlord’s approval, you also need to check your home’s security needs depending on your neighborhood. Overall, the decision will always come from you and your budget. 


  • SimpliSafe: Best choice for renters
  • Frontpoint: Superb customer service
  • Ring: Affordable security system
  • Nest Secure: Most advanced equipment


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