The Best Pet-Friendly Home Security Systems

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We understand how enjoyable it is to own a pet, but with ownership comes immense responsibilities. One of them is to make sure that your furry companions are safe and comfortable. There are dozens of home security systems in the market, and we all know that they can keep your home safe, but only a few of those can help you be responsible pet owners. When choosing a pet-friendly home security system, you must select one with animal-friendly motion sensors so that your pets can roam freely without triggering false alarms. It will also help if you choose a system with unique features that will help you become a better pet owner.


Here are the best pet-friendly home security systems


List of the Best DIY Home Security Systems



Vivint: Best overall system for pet owners


For homeowners looking at a home security system that is professionally monitored and installed, Vivint is the one for you. Not only that it works well with your family, but it is also perfect for pets. The sensors included in the home security system can be connected to your smartphone to monitor your home and your furry companions in real-time. 

It also has the option for you to set emergency and non-emergency alerts so you can distinguish the expected behavior of your pets or if they are in real danger. Plus, Vivint’s professional monitoring also helps you contact emergency services quickly in situations you need them. 

Apart from the general features, this home security system also has the perfect equipment to help you watch your furry companions when you’re away. For example, the Ping camera is a two-way communication device that can comfort your anxious pets or catch them doing silly things. Just be aware that Vivint comes with a hefty price tag upfront and a 60-month contract, but it can be worthwhile if you value safety and security.


R Two-way communication video camera

R Professional installation and monitoring

R Weight settings can be adjusted on motion sensors


Q Expensive upfront fees

Q 60-month contract

ADT: Perfect for dog owners


Dogs are man’s best friend. They patiently wait for you to arrive home and welcome you with their happy faces and wagging tails. If you installed a pet-friend home security system, you are sure that you can keep an eye on your furry friends even when you’re away and can come to the rescue if they need your help. But we all know that your pets won’t be able to call help in case of emergencies; that’s why you must find a system that can alert you when there are real threats around.

ADT has a wide range of equipment and devices that are perfect for your family and your four-legged companions. It provides security, safety, and home automation. But what makes this system ideal for dog-owners is its adjustable motion detector. While most pet-immune PIR passive infrared sensors can ignore animals up to a specific weight limit, ADT’s motion sensor is adjustable, allowing you to customize this range to match the size of your pets.

ADT has been in the industry for over 145 years, which assures homeowners like you that you can rely on them for your home’s safety. However, you should be aware of the lengthy contracts that have no trial period.


R Adjustable pet-immune PIR sensors

R Professional monitoring

R Experienced in the home security industry


Q Vague pricing on equipment and packages

Q Poor customer service

Frontpoint: Best pet-friendly DIY system


When it comes to DIY home security systems, Frontpoint is the crowd favorite. We understand that some homeowners think that installing your home security system can be tedious, but it’s an easy task. Most equipment from Frontpoint uses peel-and-stick backing, so all you need to do is place the sensors on your chosen area and program it to the system. This means that you can install the equipment out of reach of your pets.

Although the installation is do-it-yourself, the company offers professional monitoring making sure that emergency responders will come quickly for your pet’s safety. With Frontpoint, homeowners can have various equipment ranging from motion detectors, window and door sensors, and smash-proof smart hubs to connect and control the whole system. There are several packages to choose from, but you may need to pay a little bit more if you want to get equipment like smoke and heat sensors.


R Variety of security cameras

R Superb customer service

R Customizable system and packages


Q Low-motion sensor range

Q Need to pay more for smoke and heat sensors


Are all motion sensors pet-immune?

Unfortunately, not all motion sensors are pet-immune. However, most motion sensors that are not pet-immune can ignore pets less than 20 pounds. If you have a larger pet or a cat that climbs up on furniture, we suggest that you look for motion sensors specifically described as pet-immune or pet-friendly.

Is it possible to communicate with my pets even if I’m not at home?

Yes, it is possible to communicate with your pet even when you’re away. You need to make sure that the system and equipment you’ll get have the right features and components. You will need a two-way communication indoor camera, the mobile app so you can stream the video from the camera anyway and in real-time, and a strong Wif-Fi or cellular connection.


We know how daunting it is to find the right home security system for your pets; that’s why we have rounded them up for you. However, you need to keep in mind that choosing pet-friendly home security systems should suit your needs and budget. Here’s a quick recap of the best pet-friendly home security system:  


  • Vivint: Best Overall System for Pet Owners
  • ADT: Perfect for Dog Owners
  • Frontpoint: Best Pet-Friendly DIY System


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