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When it comes to security, the most established brand with over 140 years of experience is ADT or American District Telegraph. The company started in 1865 and was the pioneer in home security by beginning to send alerts through Morse code. ADT continued its mission in providing quality security services.

Until now, the company still provides top-quality home security systems, not only for your home but also for your businesses, with improved technology. ADT systems use hardwired and wireless equipment to protect and secure your home. The company also evolved and has integrated home automation devices for convenience and energy savings.

ADT security systems are also available on landline and cellular monitoring, which is why it’s easier for anyone to get professional monitoring, whether you live in the city or a rural town. Plus, all installations are done by professionals, so if you are sure that all your equipment will be installed properly. The company also offers pro installation, which comes with extra cost and the need for an appointment. Still, it provides the professional expertise you need.

Every installation begins with assessing your home security, checking the vulnerabilities of your house, and offering the best solutions. It provides customer’s different packages, and whatever you choose, you’ll be locked into a 36-month contract. ADT offers a high-end security system, but some may find its fees costly, and the long-term commitment may be a turn-off.

Here’s our full ADT review.


R Trusted company with over 140 years of experience

R Landline and cellular connections

R Money-back guarantee

R Home automation available


Q Longer locked-in period

Q Costly monthly fees

Q Not a good choice for renters

ADT Home Security Monitoring Plan 

Monitoring type
Remote Access
Smart Home Integration
Monthly Fees
ADT Command
Tier I Remote Access
Complete Monitoring Bundle
ADT Command
Tier II Video Security
Basic Security + Wireless Connection
ADT Command
Tier III Video Security & Home Automation

ADT’s home monitoring packages start at $27.99 per month, which provides professional monitoring 24/7 for less than a dollar per day. It may seem like the monthly fees are cheap, but this is the regular rate for most home monitoring plans. However, several companies offer the same services for a more competitive price. If you ar eon a budget, ADT may not be the best option for you.


Since ADT works with different third-party dealers and installers in providing security systems nationwide, the equipment options, monthly cost, and installation fee may vary depending on the dealer. Be sure to check with the nearest dealer to know exactly the prices it offers.

Installation fees

ADT only offers professional installation, and the fee starts at $99. It can go as high as $199 for the Tier III package. This is the standard fee for most professional installations. The home monitoring plan from ADT includes a home assessment. The professional installer will take a look at your property, find vulnerable spots in your home, and set up your home security to cover all areas. 

There’s no DIY installation with ADT, so if you are looking for a home security system that can be installed on your own. ADT isn’t the one you’re looking for.

ADT Review: Features and Benefits

ADT monitoring services offer security cameras that monitor your home. ADT has monitoring plans that offer video security where you can live-stream the feed of your security cameras on your mobile phone. If you have a bigger home, installing security cameras can help you secure your home. In the event of any break-ins, videos from the security cameras can be used as hard evidence to catch criminals.

ADT monitoring services offer security cameras that monitor your home. ADT has monitoring plans that offer video security where you can live-stream the feed of your security cameras on your mobile phone. If you have a bigger home, installing security cameras can help you secure your home. In the event of any break-ins, videos from the security cameras can be used as hard evidence to catch criminals.

Not all home security companies offer both landline and cellular connections, but ADT has both. Cellular or wireless connections are indeed reliable, but this type of connection isn’t accessible to those who are living in rural areas. ADT is a few security companies that give customers a choice on whether to opt-in for wired or wireless connections.

One of the benefits of having ADT equipment and monitoring services is its motion sensor that can detect intruders. However, some sensors are triggered by pets causing false alarms. Don’t worry because your installer can set these sensors to ignore any movement caused by objects below 50 pounds.

The most important feature that you should always check in a home security system aside from protection from intruders is its ability to detect smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, and excessive heat. ADT home security systems can detect all of these so you can be at peace even if you’re not at home.

Most home security systems can sync with third-party apps, but in most cases, you still need to open different apps to use all your equipment at home. With ADT’s Control app, you can manage your system and devices all in just one go. The app lets you lock your doors, arm your system, turn off the lights, and make sure that all the windows are closed, whether you’re out or at home.

This is probably the best offer of ADT: money-back guarantee. While other companies offer money-back guarantees, nothing beats ADT’s six months guarantee. If you find that this home security system isn’t living up to your expectations, ADT will give you a refund in the monitoring and installation charges you’ve incurred (certain restrictions apply).

Another highlight of ADT is its customer service. It offers more availability than its competitors, having a 24/7 customer support team rather than limiting it to business hours. The company also offers chat and email support to have options if you don’t like talking on the phone or being on hold.

ADT has a locked-in period of 36 months, which is an average contract duration in the security industry. But don’t worry, once you’ve finished the contract, you can now pay a month-to-month plan. If you need to cancel the contract before the contract is up, ADT has a more lenient cancellation policy. Instead of paying 100% of the remaining balance, you’ll only need to pay 75%

ADT Review: Equipment

All monitoring plans come with an Essentials kit with a lower upfront payment. These are the equipment included on the Essential kit: 

  • Keypad alarm with a backup battery
  • Contact sensor for doors or windows
  • Motion detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector (optional add-on)
  • Smoke and heat detector (optional add-on)

Depending on the plan you sign up for, you will also get an ADT camera or the option to have a smart thermostat, lighting, or video doorbell.

ADT products


Why is ADT more expensive than other home security systems?

ADT has several monitoring packages you can choose from, just like most home security companies. Apart from the monthly monitoring fees, you also need to consider the other charges such as equipment costs, installation and activation fees, plus any upgrades you’ll select. 

Since there are many options and upgrades with ADT, you may have a customized package that is more expensive than competitor’s packages. Just be sure to put together the right package you need for your home to avoid spending more.

Do I own my ADT equipment?

With ADT, the equipment you get is just leased by the company. However, it doesn’t require you to return the equipment once the contract ends. The equipment price is already included in your monthly payment, but sometimes, ADT offers exclusive deals that can eliminate the equipment cost.

Is ADT worth the price?

ADT can be considered as a luxury home security brand, which can be costly for some people. If you are looking for a home security system with a long-standing reputation and track record, then ADT is for you. But if you are on a budget, being constrained for a 3-year contract might be too much.

ADT Review: Is it worth it?

ADT’s long-standing experience and reputation in the security industry have made it a top choice for most consumers. However, for people on a budget, getting this home security system might not be for you. When it comes to functionality, ADT’s system is up to par with most of its competition. From our ADT review, it is a right choice for those who can afford it. 

Check out all their plans today!


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