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L No Contracts

L Professional or Self-Monitoring


A doorbell camera allows you to keep tabs on your door and make sure that you know who’s at your front door. If you want to always take a peek at what’s happening in your front yard without ever opening the door, getting a home security system like Ring might be the answer. This system is also ready for home automation like Amazon Alexa or Z-wave devices. 

Ring also has no contracts and no other extras, making it one of the most basic security systems in a good way. If you’re just looking for a system that gets the job done without frills, then this is perfect for you. It’s a do-it-yourself system that’s easy to assemble and can be expanded depending on your need. And the best part? You have the option of professional or self-monitoring.

Here’s our full Ring review.


R No contracts

R Available for both professional and self-monitoring

R Home automation support 

R Affordable price


Q Few advanced security features

Q Not compatible with most brand’s equipment

Ring Home Security Monitoring Plan



Protect Basic

Protect Plus

Professional Monitoring








Monthly Cost





When it comes to pricing, Ring is one of the cheapest home security systems. You can get a five-piece security system package with a Ring video doorbell, a second contact sensor, and a stick-up camera for a price of a piece of equipment from companies like Vivint. Since this is a do-it-yourself system, you don’t have to worry about installation costs. You aren’t tied down to any contracts, so you cancel your Ring home security system anytime you wish. You can even resell the system.

For only $10 a month, you can get professional monitoring. This is the lowest you can find in the security industry right now. The standard price for this is usually around $30 a month; nothing beats Ring when it comes to the monitoring fees. Even though you keep adding equipment to your system, you’ll still be paying the same price for the monitoring fee. If you don’t want to pay monthly expenses, you can always self-monitor your premises.

Ring Review: Features and Benefits

Even though this home system is cheaper compared to others, it still supports home automation. When it was first introduced in the market, this feature was unavailable. But now, it supports smart home devices through its mobile app (Ring app). You can also use the Ring Alarm base station as a smart home hub and integrate apps such as Amazon Alexa.

When it comes to setup and installation, the Ring system is a breeze. The packaging is efficient; you can easily find all the devices, cables, and instructions. Directions on how to install the system can be found on both the app and the printed materials in the packaging; all you have to do is follow.
The installation is easy. All you need to do is start with the base hub; it’s the device that ties the whole system together. Just remember to have your Wi-Fi password with you because there’s no cancel option if you put in the wrong one. Once the connection for the base station is set up, the succeeding process for installation is simple. You’ll need to enter your chosen four-digit code and find the spot where to put your sensors, and the system is good to go.

When you choose a Ring security system, you have the option to select from several connection types. Its video doorbells come with a battery for a wireless connection, hardwired, and also go with a solar connection. Ring offers flexibility which is one of the benefits of getting this system. So if you are a renter, no need to worry about losing your security deposit because of holes needed for wired connection, you can always opt-in for the wireless option.

One of the best features of Ring is its instant notification. This system has a built-in motion sensor that is usually triggered when there’s a visitor at your door. When the sensor is triggered, you will be instantly alerted on your phone. You’ll also be notified if someone pressed the Ring doorbell. With Ring’s app, you can view a live feed to see who’s knocking on your door. The best part is, most doorbell cams of Ring include these features.

Ring understands how annoying and anxiety-triggering it is to have false alarms. That’s why each doorbell camera comes with custom motion sensitivity. This feature is available even on their base model and has a more advanced option on its other models. You can now say goodbye to false alarms.

The Ring doorbells come with a two-way talk feature that ranges from OK to excellent. This depends on what doorbell you have purchased. For the more advanced models, the audio is quite good, but when it comes to the standard ones, it’s just alright. With this two-way feature, you can now greet your guests and can scare away intruders. This allows you to answer the door wherever you are.

Neighborhood Watch is probably the coolest feature this home security system has. Its neighborhoods feature allows Ring users to alarm the neighbors if there’s any crime happening in the community. When you see something suspicious, you can share it in the Ring network through video sharing. This feature allows your whole community to be prepared if there’s any suspicious person in the vicinity.

When buying a doorbell camera, you should always check the infrared night vision. This feature allows you to see a clear picture, day or night. The basic doorbell camera may be a bit grainy at night, but the more advanced model has higher resolutions that provide a better picture at night.

While most companies send out alerts only to mobile devices, Ring sends alerts to both mobile and desktop computers (Windows and Mac operating systems). These alerts are real-time. This feature allows you to access the video doorbell from almost any device. While this isn’t an exceptional feature as most of us have smartphones, it’s still useful for some who don’t want to be bothered by checking different devices at a time.

While the event history timeline is a pretty standard feature for video doorbells with a mobile app, it is still worth the mention. With this feature, you can review all recorded events right in the Ring mobile app. You can scroll back in time and see all the visitors that are coming and going, which allows you to detect any suspicious activity and take any actions needed immediately.

Ring Review: Equipment

While the event history timeline is a pretty standard feature for video doorbells with a mobile app, it is still worth the mention. With this feature, you can review all recorded events right in the Ring mobile app. You can scroll back in time and see all the visitors that are coming and going, which allows you to detect any suspicious activity and take any actions needed immediately.

ring review


I paid the professional monitoring service for a year. Will I get a refund if I cancel it early?

If you cancel an annual Ring Protect Plan service during the first ten months, you are eligible for a refund. You will only be charged for the monthly subscription price for the month you’ve used the service. The remaining will be refunded. But if you cancel it after the tenth month, unfortunately, you won’t get a refund.

Will the Ring home security system work even if the power is out?

Yes, it will. Every ring alarm home system has a built-in battery backup that is used in case of a power outage. The battery will last for twenty-four hours. If you subscribed to the Ring Protect plan, the alarms included here have a cellular backup.

Ring Review: Is it worth it?

If you are looking for a home security system that isn’t a fully monitored plan, then Ring is the one for you. It has cheaper fees compared to other companies and has no contracts included. Even if it only offers basic security, it also supports home automation. There are no advanced features; all it has is a straightforward video doorbell system, which can be a perfect addition to other home monitoring systems.


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