SimpliSafe Review: Simple Home Security Setup



L No Contract Required

L Affordable Equipment and Monthly Monitoring Fees


If you are looking for a flexible and affordable home security system, SimpliSafe is the one for you. The home security system lives up to its name by offering homeowners the basic security needs without making it complicated. It’s a do-it-yourself system without the complexity. 

SimpliSafe is perfect for homeowners or renters who are on a budget. It has inexpensive monthly monitoring fees, plus there are no contracts so that you wouldn’t be locked in with the company. If you wish to discontinue the monthly monitoring service, the system will still work as a local alarm. 

Since this home security offers simplicity, there’s not much variety of equipment or home automation integration compared to its competitors. Although, it has improved its smart home support recently and can now work with the Nest thermostat, August door lock, and Alexa. But if you have Z-Wave devices, unfortunately, the system isn’t compatible with it. This is why SimpliSafe is still behind many of its competitors. 

SimpliSafe is ideal for people who have small living spaces since it doesn’t have extensive equipment selection. But if you have a larger area that needs automation for protection, this might not be the one for you.

Here’s our full SimpliSafe review.


R Quick and easy DIY installation

R Money-back guarantee

R No contract required

R Affordable monthly fees


Q Limited smart home integration

Q Upfront purchase of equipment required

SimpliSafe Home Security Monitoring Plan





Monthly Price



Motion Detection



Environmental Monitoring



Mobile Access



Home Automation



Video Monitoring




Affordability is what makes SimpliSafe shine from its competitions. Its equipment and monitoring dees are much cheaper, making it the perfect choice for people on a budget.

For as low as $14.99, you can get professional monitoring with Simplisafe and go as high as $24.99, which is still cheap compared to its competitors that usually start at $30. If you are not on a tight budget, the Interactive monitoring plan is what we recommend because it includes access to the mobile app and basic home automation support. Having the app can be an advantage, so make sure to get that plan if you can.


SimpliSafe’s pricing is competitive and will give you your money’s worth. If you’re interested to learn more about its other fees and equipment costs, here’s the rundown:

Additional fees

There are no extra fees with SimpliSafe. What is advertised is what you pay, which is pretty rare in the security industry. Most companies charge activation fees, even if its a DIY system. With SimpliSafe, all you have to do is buy the equipment, subscribe to the monitoring fee, and you’re all set. There are no cancellation fees. You can cancel the monitoring plan if you don’t want it anymore.

Equipment costs

Not only SimpliSafe’s monitoring fees are cheap, but its equipment also costs the same. You can purchase a SimpliSafe equipment package, or you can buy them individually and create your own. If you choose to buy a package and need more devices, you can add more to your order.

SimpliSafe Review: Features and Benefits

With SimpliSafe, you don’t need to shed cash to have professional monitoring for your home. For as low as $14.99, you can get an alarm system that delivers. With all the DIY systems popping out, getting professional monitoring for that price is a steal. You are also not tied down to any contract so you can cancel the plan at any time. If you want to pause your account, just simply cancel it and resubscribe the following month.

Even though SimpliSafe offers a basic security system, you still get environmental monitoring included in the basic package. That’s water, leaks, temperature, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring. It may not be as exciting as some features offered by other companies, but it still is handy in times of threats like frozen pipes, fires, and water damage. For some companies, you will be asked to pay an extra fee to get this feature.

SimpliSafe does not have extensive home automation support or integration, but it still supports basic smart home applications such as the Nest thermostats, August door lock, and the Nest thermostat. So if simple is what you’re looking for, this is for you. But if you want to add Z-Wave devices such as smart lights or other brands of smart locks, you’ll need to look for another home security system.

Installing SimpliSafe equipment is a breeze. You won’t be needing to drill any holes; the equipment comes with sturdy stickers. The stickers also are easy to peel, so renters will still get your deposit because the paint won’t be damaged.

There’s nothing exceptional with the design of its equipment but it is subtle and stylish, it will look nice without stealing the scene. If you’re particular with the devices standing out on your home, this wouldn’t be a problem with SimpliSafe. The design for its sensors can also fit a flat wall or a corner, which is rare since most sensors do not work in corners.

For all the gears and equipment you buy at SimpliSafe, you will get a three-year warranty, the same length you will get with other companies such as Frontpoint and Link Interactive. If any of your SimpliSafe fails during the first three years, you’re all covered.

One of the most hated things about having is long contracts and expensive cancellation fees. With SimpliSafe, both of these things don’t exist, you can be at peace with your home security system. There are no contracts with SimpliSafe, even for its monitoring plan. You can cancel it anytime, and if you are tight on budget, you can cancel it for a month and have it reactivated once you have enough to pay for the system.

SimpliSafe Review: Equipment

SimpliSafe home security systems offer a range of basic equipment, from motion sensors, door and window sensors, to smoke alarms. However, it does not provide smart home extras, such as security lights or garage doors. If you’re looking for those, you might want to check Frontpoint and Vivint. 

Although most of its equipment is basic, it’s state of the art. The company aims to keep things simple and remove all the complexity from security systems. SimpliSafe devices are elegantly designed that will surely blend in your home. 

While it still hasn’t offered outdoor security cameras, SimpliSafe introduced its first device with a camera, the Video Doorbell Pro. But there are rumors that the company will soon release full-blown security cameras.



Do I need an internet connection to use SimpliSafe?

No, you don’t need an internet connection to use the system. All you need is the base station and the keypad, and you’re good to go. These devices have a built-in cellular connection, which allows them to communicate with each other. For certain features, you may need an internet connection to activate it.

Why should I pay extra for professional monitoring?

When you add professional monitoring to your system, you let yourself have peace of mind knowing that someone else is keeping you home safe and secure. If you’re not at home and the SimpliSafe alarm is triggered, the monitoring center receives an alert to confirm the emergency and contact help. Without this, you will need to assess the danger on your own and call for help.

SimpliSafe Review: Is it worth it?

If you want an affordable, simple, and flexible alarm for your home, SimpliSafe is the one for you. There are no complexities included in this security system. Although, there’s limited home automation support, which won’t work if you want to have a smart home. There are no commitments when you sign up with SimpliSafe. You can cancel anytime. 


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