What is a Security Alarm?

A security alarm is a system that is created to detect any unauthorized entry into a property, whether residential or commercial. Security alarms are often used in different properties, for safety and protection against theft or burglary, property damage, and intruders, as well as protection for you and your family. Security alarms used in residential areas show a correlation in decreased property crimes.


How Do Security Alarm Systems Work?

There are two types of security alarm systems: wired and wireless. Both of them work similarly. With wired systems, the sensors communicate with the control panel using electrical wirings and with wireless ones, the sensors use radio frequency to send signals to the control panel. Once the control panel receives the signal, it will notify you through an app or the security company if professionally monitored. Security systems can work with smart home systems, such as Z-Wave.

Motion Sensors and PIR

Circuit security alarm systems do an excellent job of making sure that your home is protected and secured from any breaches in the door or windows. But what about the outside of your home or if intruders managed to find their way in? This is the role of motion sensors in a security system.

Radar-based motion sensors monitor rooms with the use of microwave energy, which is emitted in short bursts that reflects back at the motion sensor, in the same manner, it was emitted. If this pattern is broken by an intruder entering the room, the motion sensor detects this and triggers the alarm.

On the other hand, motion sensors that use photo-sensors emit beams of light that connect with a light sensor, which creates a circuit of some sort. When there’s movement in the room and blocks the light signal, the sensor picks this up and triggers the alarm.

A more advanced motion detector uses PIR or passive infrared. These sensors detect infrared energy, which enables them to detect any dramatic increase of heat in a room. For example, when an intruder enters an empty room or an additional heat is detected in a room.

Whatever type of motion sensor you have, once it detects an intruder, it sends a signal to the control panel, which then triggers the alarm.


Different Security Alarm


Home Security

Home security is a type of security that involves both the hardware installed on your home and the homeowners’ personal security practices. The hardware installed on your home is equipment and devices that keep your property safe, such as alarm systems and security cameras. On the other hand, personal security involves the practice that doors are always locked whenever you’re in or out of your home, windows are securely locked, extra keys are not visible when hidden outside the house.

Driveway Alarm

A driveway alarm is a security device that is designed to detect motion from people or cars entering through the driveway of a property. It is usually integrated as a part of a home security system that automatically alerts homeowners of intruders or unexpected guests entering the driveway. Driveway alarms are an essential part of home security, home control, automated lighting control, and other useful systems.

Glass Break Detector

Glass break detectors, also known as glass break sensors are electronic burglar alarm devices that detect if a glass pane is broken or shattered. They are commonly installed near glass windows or doors.

These types of sensors typically use a microphone to monitor any noise or vibrations coming from the glass. Through detector circuitry, vibrations that exceed a certain threshold (some sensors can customize this) will be analyzed. Simple glass break detectors are using narrowband microphones tuned to frequencies typical of glass shattering, and react to sound above a particular threshold. Advanced ones compare the sound analysis to one or more glass break profiles using signal transforms similar to DCT and FFT and react if the amplitude threshold and statistically expressed similarity threshold is breached.



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